The Fallen confirmed for Transformers sequel

Michael Bay has been trying to keep secrets from leaking out about his Transformers follow-up, Revenge Of The Fallen, but in this synchronised, corporate crossover world, it’s a tough job.

But while the creators of the tie-in prequel comic Transformers: Destiny have a copy of the script, they’re not giving much away. They can, however, reveal that The Fallen, one of the most powerful ‘bots ever created for the comics, will definitely be returning for the new film.

And Destiny will follow Megatron’s driven second-in-command Starscream as he attempts to reignite the All Spark from the original film, with devastating results.

The lucky comics types had not only access to the script, but also to characters from the sequel at their disposal. “We’re definitely taking every character that we can from the sequel,” writer Chris Mowry told MTV. “So you’ll see some Sector 7 involvement and how they developed into a new group that will be introduced. The same thing with some of the new characters, we’ll explain how they get to Earth. Because the sequel starts out with this giant battle so people will be wondering ‘Hey, where did that guy come from?’”

Source: ( MTV )