The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope reveal trailer suggests witches are the least of your concerns

The first trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope takes us back to the witch trials of the 1600s, and true to history, the witch accusers are probably far eviler than any accused witches themselves.

The follow-up to Man of Medan switches up the scenery quite a bit; from the dilapidated innards of the Ourang Medan to Little Hope, a small town with a dark history. The series' all-knowing narrator says about Little Hope that, "all that suffering, all that malice, leaves a profound effect. It creates repercussions."

And repercussions there will be. In my time playing Man of Medan, I unknowingly killed or otherwise caused the death of two of my friend's characters because of reasons I'll leave to you to find out. I found the first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology a thrilling and inventive co-op experience, and I'm expecting at least the same from Little Hope.

We already knew Little Hope was coming some time this summer, and the new trailer doesn't reveal anything more specific on that front. With any luck, we'll be stumbling our way into Little Hope's deceiving pitfalls earlier in the summer rather than later.

Little Hope is the second of eight entries planned for Supermassive's Dark Pictures Anthology. The studio is probably best known for 2015's Until Dawn, another standout horror game with a focus on decision-making and consequence, but without the multiplayer focus of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

We included Until Dawn in our round-up of the best horror games to play right now.

Jordan Gerblick

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