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The Clown Prince returns (again): A Joker solo movie is on the way, starring Jared Leto

No, you’re not seeing double – another Joker movie is in the works. Jared Leto, who starred as the Clown Prince of Crime in Suicide Squad, is in line to reprise his role – weird tattoos notwithstanding – as DC and Warner Bros. looks to further bolster its movie ranks.

Variety is reporting that the Joker standalone movie will work as a Suicide Squad spinoff, with more tie-in movies possibly slated for the future, should it prove to be a success. This follows on from the previous Joker solo movie announced, with Joaquin Phoenix rumoured to star in a completely separate universe. Confused? Me too.

No plot details have been announced yet, but Jared Leto has also signed on to be an executive producer for the movie, which could be… interesting.

While the debate over whether it’s worth getting two Joker movies, let alone one, will rumble on, it appears that DC are finally going all-in on Jared Leto’s Joker after a tepid reaction to his debut. For my money, he wasn’t that bad, and it’ll be interesting to see him expand on his role – especially if Margot Robbie is along for the ride too.

But it just goes to show how muddled DC’s movie universe is at the moment. It’ll be confusing enough for the casual viewer to have two Joker standalones (presumably) within the space of a couple of years. Whether one will end up biting the bullet, who knows? But one thing is for certain: two Joker movies are currently being lined up. And that’s no laughing matter.

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