The Callisto Protocol will reveal new updates and fixes this week

The Callisto Protocol
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The Callisto Protocol just received a number of fixes and will be getting more improvements relatively soon.

Over the past weekend, Striking Distance Studios put live a new update for The Callisto Protocol on all platforms, addressing frame rate and crash issues. The studio also writes that the new horror game will have further fixes, outlining other areas of the game they're going to be fixing early this week.

Right now it isn't clear what fixes Striking Distance Studios is going to focus on first with The Callisto Protocol. It's good to know that updates are currently being worked on at the developer, however, even if the studio isn't quite ready to reveal which updates in particular these are.

Looking at the responses to the original tweet, you can get a pretty good idea of issues players are currently facing. Players sound off on issues like lip syncing being off, PS4 Trophies not syncing with the server, and motion blur on PS5 having problems, among other areas.

In a follow-up tweet, the developer clarified that while ray-traced reflections are meant to be a thing in The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Series X, they're aware of the "issues" facing the feature on the new-gen console. A fix for any issues with ray tracing should be arriving in the near future.

The patch that The Callisto Protocol received yesterday on December 4 fixes stuttering issues on PC. This was a big area of contention when the new game launched late last week, with stuttering issues leading to a barrage of mostly negative reviews on Steam. The Callisto Protocol might not have had the finest start to life, but Striking Distance Studios is still hard at work on improving the game.

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