The Boys season 2 finale trailer promises Butcher is going to "kill everyone"

Another week, another trailer for The Boys season 2. This one, though, is more important than the others as it gives us a first glimpse of the eighth and final episode of the season. So, what’s in store for the finale? Let’s find out, but if you want to go in blind, now’s your last chance to fly away.

“We can’t just kill everyone,” begins Hughie – who clearly hasn’t seen an episode of the show before – in The Boys season 2 finale trailer, which you can see above. Butcher’s response? “That is exactly what we’re going to do.”

Butcher’s attitude might not be a shock, but the next trailer beat certainly is. A-Train becomes the latest Supe to betray the Seven by handing Hughie and Starlight what appears to be a classified folder of some naughty Vought goings-on. Of course, knowing The Boys, the potential for a double-cross is pretty high.

Then, there’s all eyes (and targets) on Stormfront. Much of the season 2 finale could revolve around her removal. Plenty want her gone – including A-Train – and Becca’s return into the arms of Butcher might lead to the racist Supe being surrounded on all sides.

No clues yet, though, on who exploded all those heads last week on The Boys. One theory suggests that the Church of the Collective might be involved, though we won’t find out until this Friday.

Speaking of this Friday, if you want to watch The Boys season 2 finale the minute it drops, check out our guide to The Boys season 2, episode 8 release date and time.

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