The Birth of a Star Wars Geek

I’ve blogged in the past about introducing Henry to all things Star Wars and last year I wrote about how great I think Star Wars Lego is, and it’s the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia which I talked about in the second blog that became Henry’s introduction to the Star Wars universe.

He loved the Padawan Menace DVD and all the various Lego adventures it contained when we watched it together. They say you’re proud of your children when they first walk and with their first words and stuff like that. Nah… My proudest moment was when Henry looked at the various action figures in my Clone Trooper display cabinet and then pointed at one figure and said “Boba Fett there.” He was on the way to being a Star Wars fan and Lego had shown the way…

I must admit to getting a little excited at all the Lego creations myself, with a six foot long Millennium Falcon, a huge model of the Endor landing platform complete with Vader and shuttle and dog sized AT-ATs the various displays are all very impressive. The models are so intricate and the more you look the more little details you spot; Han and Greedo sat at a table in the cantina, Boba Fett hanging around outside a house on Tatooine… It all took me back to memories of the crude Star Wars models I used to try to make when I was a kid. I’m sure if I’d had access to these amounts of Lego bricks I’d have done a much better job of it.

All the rest of the park was great. The rides, the displays, all the various huge models made of Lego , it’s all very much aimed at the younger kids and we had lots of fun. But it was the Star Wars bit that left an impression. He kept mentioning R2 throughout the day and asking where the little droid was. So much so that he demanded we go round the exhibition again later in the day. And again he squealed over Lego R2.

So, there you have it. Lego has started my son on the path to geek. It should be no problem showing him the Star Wars in a few years films now. But I’m still not sure what order we should watch them in…

May the fourth be with you.