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The best Cyber Monday gifts for less than $25 each

Cyber Monday 2018 is upon us, and this year has brought us a tremendous slate of deals. If you're already done shopping for yourself, or have the big ticket gift items taken care of, it's time to line some stockings with some deep discounts on smaller stuff. Whether you're shopping for a dedicated Star Wars fan, a gamer, or any other nerd culture enthusiast, we've dug up the coolest (and cheapest) deals to turn you into a holiday hero on the big day.

These are last year's deals. For all 2019's offerings, check out our Black Friday game deals hub.

Mario Kart Monopoly for $9.99 (was $15) at Amazon

An easy win for Nintendo fans, or for any lover of board games, Mario Kart Monopoly is perfect for the holidays because it gives everyone something to do during those huge family gatherings. It's also great for everyone who wasn't lucky enough to snag a controller to play the real thing on Switch. With boost pads, banana peels, and tons of other Mario Kart flavor layered generously into the traditional Monopoly formula (including some Kart-racing inspired rules tweaks), it's a fun revision that makes one of the most venerable board games feel fresh again. 

Star Wars: Episode 8 - The Last Jedi on DVD for $13.96 (was $29.99) at Amazon                                                                                                                         

While it might be one of the more divisive entries in the Star Wars franchise, it's nonetheless a must have for any die-hard Star Wars fan (all of the countless millions of them). You're not likely to find it much cheaper than this sub $15 Cyber Monday offering, either, which makes it a very enticing grab for stuffing stockings or secret Santa exchanges. And if you're looking for other Star Wars deals to satisfy the lightsaber fanatic in your life, jump over to our Cyber Monday Star Wars deals page for all the latest (and deepest) discounts. 

Bloodborne: The Card Game for $21.99 (was $34.99) at Amazon

CCGs are smoking hot right now (it could be argued they've never cooled since Magic: The Gathering dominated the '90s) and we're seeing more and more video game properties get the card game treatment, both digitally and physically. The Bloodborne version lets you team up with up to four other hunters and plumb the depths of a blood-soaked, monster infested Chalice Dungeon on your way to a brutal final boss encounter. But only the hunter with the most trophies at the end of the game is crowned the winner, so a little backdoor dealing and subtle betrayal is fully encouraged. 

Gaming magazine subscriptions for 20% off

A Cyber Monday special, right now a ton of gaming magazines are 20% off for a year subscription (in same cases on top of other discounts). Grab PC Gamer, Edge, the Official PlayStation Magazine, and others, or, for the non-gamers in your life, get the same offer on titles from How it Works to Classic Rock to Total Film. There's a massive selection of enthusiast magazines in the Future catalog, and a gift subscription means the recipient will think of you fondly at least 12 times a year. 

God of War for $25 (was $39.99) at Walmart

One of the best games in a year full of amazing offerings, and one of the best PS4 exclusives of all time, God of War reinvented the titular ball of violent rage into a (slightly) warmer, cuddlier Kratos. But if you think fatherhood has dulled everyone's favorite god-slayer's axe, think again - this is some of the most satisfying (and savage) combat in the franchise, rendered more beautifully than ever before. At $25 on the nose, this is a great gift for anyone that missed it at launch, or anyone who's going to find a PS4 under the tree this year.

Luke Skywalker Funko POP! for $6.70 (was $10.99) at Amazon

Easily the best bits from The Last Jedi featured Luke Skywalker, and now you can grab a Funko POP! of him in all his gray and grizzled glory for next to nothing. This is a great cross-appeal gift for anyone who collects Funko POPs, loves Star Wars, or both, and it's the perfect size (and the perfect price) to stuck into a stocking or use to round out a big Star Wars mega-bundle. I've never been a huge Funko POP fan, personally, but even I have to admit that this bearded Luke stirs some long forgotten part of my desiccated, blackened soul.

Nier: Automata for $19.99 (was $39.99) at Best Buy

Celebrate our inevitable obsolescence and the rise of an all-robot future with Nier: Automata for less than $20. One of the best games to come out in 2017, Nier is that rare sequel that completely transforms a franchise and elevates it from virtual obscurity to massive success. It's chock full of frenetic, action combat, wild bullet hell sequences, and one of the weirdest, most compelling, most convoluted stories in gaming across a buckwild 26 different endings. Whoever gets this gift from you will know you have some serious class, at least in terms of what games you like.

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