Manor Lords player pushes the city-builder to the limit by building a 3,000-strong 'village' that only has 1 market

Manor Lords burgage
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Manor Lords players keep getting creative with the city builder's tools as one builder has boxed 3,220 villagers into a medieval suburbia.

Funnily enough for a city builder, Manor Lords doesn't actually let you erect proper cities from either the modern high-rise variants or the old-timey walled castle ones. Instead, the in-game tools normally only allow for smaller, quainter villages to be built. You know, the type of communities with sheep pastures and 'roads' that you need knee-high rain boots for.

Redditor deman2k6 ignored the game's lack of actual city-building tools and created a community with over 3,220 residents using sheer brute force. The image below shows a top-down view of their creation, which looks a lot like a grid-based city made by a gridless city builder.

Big City with 3220 Resident! 1 Market! from r/ManorLords

The Manor Lords builder shared some sage wisdom in the comments, explaining that they keep their 3,220-strong city fed using "one market with a maximum of 169 stalls." While they supplied food themselves for some time, the player eventually had to buy resources from the trading post and use "specialized" warehouses - "one warehouse just for firewood and 1 warehouse just for clothing."

Other Manor Lords players have also pushed the game to its limits. See: the Manor Lords farmer that accidentally created an infinitely ballooning sheep horde. The 2,100 sheep eventually cooled down, but not without inflicting some metaphysical damage on the villagers. Players elsewhere discovered a bug that shoots your character into the stratosphere with one wrong step - or maybe it's the right step if you happen to enjoy the adrenaline spike that accompanies getting flung in the air.

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