Under no circumstances should you use this Manor Lords glitch to shoot yourself up into the stratosphere, because that isn't historically accurate at all

Manor Lords bug
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There appears to be a Manor Lords bug that catapults you into the in-game stratosphere when you step on the wrong (or very right, depending on your affinity for heights) wooden plank in burning buildings.

As dutifully documented by an unwitting skydiver in Manor Lords, the bug seems to be activated when you step on a log that's fallen from a burning building. For whatever reason, this triggers a giga-springboard effect that sends you up, up, and up, over the burning building, so high you can see your entire village, and then ultimately, into the second layer of Earth's atmosphere where you can't see anything below you except for clouds.

protip: walking on fallen logs inside burning buildings can catapult you into the stratosphere. Do with this information what you will. from r/ManorLords

It's not clear how high up you can get before plummeting back to Earth, but the player who recorded the bug says "you can get launched pretty far up but I haven't managed to leave the planet yet," adding, "Will keep trying, for all mankind and all that."

Of course, the haters will say this isn't historically accurate, but who are they to assume there wasn't some chemical reaction that occurred in medieval-era wood planks when they fell from burning buildings that caused upward propulsion? I think I saw something like that in Game of Thrones once.

Either way, it seems the community is united in hoping Slavic Magic keeps this particular bug in the game, with the top comment on the above video reading: "Can someone please let Greg know that this is historically accurate and not a bug so that he doesn't remove this feature?"

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