The Bad Batch season 3 reviews say the Star Wars show has saved its best until last

Omega in Star Wars: The Bad Batch
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The first reviews for The Bad Batch season 3 are in – and critics are praising the animated Star Wars show for a strong and confident final installment.

With the first season premiering back in 2021, the Disney Plus series is a spin-off of The Clone Wars and follows Clone Force 99, a group of elite clone troopers and fugitives who are able to resist the influence of Order 66. In season 3, the gang is set to have their limits tested as they fight to reunite with Omega (Michelle Ang), as she faces challenges of her own inside a remote Imperial science lab.

"Despite all the lead-up, The Bad Batch doesn’t get caught in nostalgia," writes Inverse's Dais Johnson. "It never loses sight of what made it great: self-contained adventures that build on the unique found-family cast. While there are ties to the greater Star Wars lore, it’s done in a way that’s seamlessly integrated, crafting a series that feels like it’s truly coming to a natural end."

Gizmodo's James Whitbrook agreed, praising a solid conclusion to the animated saga. "Where the show has previously struggled to make its most interesting worldbuilding personally matter to the Batch, season three marries the personal and galactic stakes together perfectly, keeping everything compelling as it ticks over from week to week," he wrote. "It’s a reflection of a much stronger, more confident show, one that feels like it’s finally ready to nail down the story it wants to tell with its characters and is laser focused on doing so."

IGN's review was slightly less glowing, however, criticizing the pace of the new season. "These episodes moved pretty slowly for what’s supposed to be a show’s final season," wrote Jesse B. Gill. "Lots of setup, lots of fun, deep-cut Star Wars lore, but the story itself treads water as important bits of mythology get disseminated."

The first three episodes of The Bad Batch season 3 are streaming now on Disney Plus. For more from the galaxy far, far away, check out our guide to all the other new Star Wars movies and TV shows

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