The Ascent roadmap promises transmog, new game plus, and more alongside paid DLC

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The Ascent will get two more free updates by the end of the year plus a new paid Cybersec Pack, per its newly revealed post-launch roadmap.

Developer Neon Giant only recently released The Ascent's fourth big patch, which added a photo mode alongside the Halloween pack and some additional cosmetics, and it looks like patch five will introduce gear transmog for free alongside a paid Cybersec Pack. Patch six is also scheduled to arrive by the end of the year, adding voice work to side missions and introducing a free Winter Pack which will presumably echo the Halloween pack.

Looking further ahead, early 2022 – at least, it looks like early 2022 on the timeline, but it could be later in the year – will bring another bit of paid content in the form of the Cyber Warrior Pack. This will roll out along with new game plus and the free Chongqing Pack in patch seven. 

It's exciting to see Neon Giant continually expand on what could've comfortably remained a fairly straightforward cyberpunk action-RPG. The Ascent drops you into a cynical mega-corp hellscape and encourages you to shoot the hell out of everything, and it flows pretty well whether you're playing solo or in co-op. These updates ought to add a few more wrinkles to the game and give both new players and completionists more carrots to chase. Here's hoping they can also smooth over some of the sticking points that our own Josh West called out in his The Ascent review. Voice over for side quests should help bring the narrative together, for one. 

Here are some The Ascent tips to help you survive and even thrive in its dystopian future.

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