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The Ascent co-op and multiplayer not working? Here are some suggested fixes

The ascent
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Some players are encountering issues with The Ascent co-op and multiplayer not working. Which isn't great, but the game has only just been released, so a few teething troubles are to be expected. While the developer is yet to respond to any of the reported problems what can you do if you're having trouble with the The Ascent co-op and multiplayer not working? 

The Ascent co-op and multiplayer not working

The Ascent

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The reports of what The Ascent co-op and multiplayer issues appear to be seems to vary (opens in new tab). For some it's an issue with Steam not being able to join players on non-Steam version of the game (so Xbox and Windows editions). One reported issue (opens in new tab)even seems to see game saves and side quest options affected by drop in co-op. For others even the couch co-op isn't working. I even encountered an odd problem where I couldn't quit an online session, even though no other players had joined. However, plenty of people are reporting no issues (opens in new tab) what so ever in response which only makes things even more uncertain. It seems something isn't quite right with multiplayer and co-op in The Ascent but what can you actually do about it?

Without any word from the devs yet there isn't a solid fix for the issues people are having. It's worth checking your game is fully up to date, and if you have a good internet connection it also might be worth deleting your install and re-downloading it. Some reports suggest that the pre-downloaded version of the game has issues, while others suggest Game Pass might be the issue. It's also worth noting that there's no matchmaking yet, you have to play with invited friends. 

So, to recap, if you can't get The Ascent multiplayer or co-op to work try these fixes: 

  1. Check the game is fully up to date in case there's a patch to fix the issues. 
  2. Delete and redownload the game, as some reports suggest the pre-download version of the game is causing the issues. 
  3. If you're playing the Steam version there are reports that it won't connect the Xbox or Windows version of the game.
  4. You can only play with friends via invites, there's no matchmaking. 

Until we get word from the developers that's all the possible fixes we can suggest for the problems with The Ascent co-op and multiplayer. Hopefully, for those affected there will be a fix soon.  

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