The A-Z of Halo 3

I is for Interactive

Last month we reported news of interactive and fully destructible environments in Halo 3 multiplayer. For the Campaign levels, you can guarantee this'll be ramped up a notch. Halofeatured rock-hard indestructible scenery throughout and Halo 2 added destructible "elements." In a recent update from Bungie, webmaster Frankie described a weapon (possibly not making it into the final game) so powerful it literally destroyed everything. EVERYTHING. If Stranglehold can do it, Halo 3 most certainly can. And better, too.

J is for Juggernaut

Well, to put it more precisely: the Flood Juggernaut. A Flood-infected form of some sort that, due to limitations, never made it into the final version of Halo 2, but was nonetheless included within the game code for part-time hackers to investigate. With the creature pretty much ready to go code-wise, plus Bungie's confirmation that they are working on "something big," we'd say there's a strong likelihood of this appearing in the concluding part of the Halo trilogy. Twice as tall as the Master Chief and more than capable of killing him in one blow, this could be one new addition we'd prefer to stay on the cutting room floor.

K is for Kilimanjaro

In the announcement trailer for Halo 3, we learn the location of The Ark. The scene in the trailer is at the edge of New Mombasa. The mountain in the background has been confirmed by Bungie as Tanzanian tourist trap, Mount Kilimanjaro.

L is for Lighting

Using an advanced version of the Halo 2 engine, Halo 3 boasts a totally new lighting system. This means it's gonna look better than anything we've ever seen before - something that gets even more exciting when you consider that Halo 2 is still better looking than many 360 games. Real-time reflections really are just the tip of the iceberg.

M is for MJOLNIR

When we first met, Master Chief looked pretty darn swanky in his Mark V MJOLNIR armor - and by the time we met again in Halo 2, he was swanked to the max in his shiny new Mark VI armor. One of the first things to be spotted by fans everywhere upon watching the announcement trailer was yet again the Chief's armor. His gloves were different and he had an altogether sharper feel. Is this Mark VII armor? Perhaps, although where he would have got it is a mystery - plus the differences don't seem to be drastic enough. That said, Bungie likes their sevens, and this would fall into place like a square block in a square hole.