The A-Z of Halo 3

N is for New Mombasa

New Mombasa is a major port city and industrial center, located in the East African Protectorate on good old Planet Earth. It's notable for being the only place on this much-sought after hunk of rock that the Covenant attacked during the First Battle of Earth - the city was invaded, occupied, and ruthlessly destroyed in the course of the conflict. The focal point of the city is a Space Elevator, located near an artificial canal in the middle of the island-city. It's not exactly a stretch to suggest that that - in the rumored switch to Earth-based action - this will form the epicenter of the Halo 3 experience.

O is for Oracles

The Monitors are AI constructs created by the Forerunners 100,000 years ago to service and maintain the Halo installations, and to make sure that The Flood stay imprisoned. In case of an outbreak (Flood), the Monitor would seek out a "Reclaimer" (Master Chief) to activate the installations and stop the spread of the Flood by eliminating all life in the galaxy. Nice. They're intelligent and devoted to their job, despite being bonkers. Due to the vast periods of isolation they experience, many suffer from Rampancy.

P is for Plasma Sword

The opinion-splitting Plasma Sword finally arrived in playable form in Halo 2. It was and, in fact, still is, devastating in the wrong hands. Now imagine that times two. Yep, based on the Halo graphic novel and agrisly finishing move animation test from Bungie's brutishVidDoc, we reckon dual-wielding plasma sword is a definite go for Halo 3. Snikt!

Q is for Quality

Haloand Halo 2 reshaped the boundaries of console shooters. With the third installment, Bungie is likening their efforts to The Return of the King. One thing's for sure: Halo 3 will BLOW. YOU. AWAY.

R is forRampancy

Rampancy is, essentially, the enhanced self-awareness of a computer AI, causing a progression towards greater mental abilities and destructive impulses. It has featured many times in Bungie's games (primarily Marathon) but also rears its ugly head in the Halo series. Given the age of Cortana and her current situation, Rampancy is definitely on the cards. Could it be that the true enemy in Halo 3 is in fact our trusty AI? Will we witness, or cause, her eventual death? (We reckon the latter's a good bet...)