The 40 most repeated game quotes

The 1991 Mega Drive version of a horribly translated arcade game combined with the internet’s 2000ish surge of amateur Flash animations (hey, remember when Newgrounds was “edgy?”) created one of the first global internet sensations. Every single line in the game’s opening is worth quoting, but “all your base are belong to us” (sometimes abbreviated AYBABTU or AYB) became the moniker by which this meme was known. If you seriously don’t know the rest, here’s the animation that made the AYB phenomenon what it was:

%26ldquo;A winner is you!%26rdquo; - Pro Wrestling

In the future, no one will remember this game, what it was like, or what it was even called. But we'll still say "A winner is you!" Grammar is funny.

%26ldquo;In year of 200X...%26rdquo; - Mega Man Series

200X and 20XX seem to be usedinterchangeably throughout the Mega Man series. Either way, we saw this at the beginning of every game, and those mysterious 'X's got us all amped up for some robo-destruction. IT'S SO FAR IN THE FUTURE YOU COULDN'T EVEN COMPREHEND THE NUMBER.

%26ldquo;WHERE'S Dr. WILEY?... OH NO, TOO LATE.%26rdquo; - Mega Man 3

Why is the 'R' in lowercase? No really, absolutely no text in Mega Man was in lowercase. Except for here.

%26ldquo;You Spoony Bard!%26rdquo; - Final Fantasy II

The English version of FFIV (FFII), was apparently translated with an Ouija board, and as a result what was meant to be a dramatic insult ("You son of a bitch") became acute pet namefor William Shakespeare.

%26ldquo;Ouch! What do you do?%26rdquo; - Goonies II

I do hit, but I mean to do go.

%26ldquo;YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD.%26rdquo; - Friday the 13th

%26ldquo;I FEEL ASLEEP!%26rdquo; - Metal Gear