The 40 most repeated game quotes

Sonic Boom! Shoryuken! Pretty much every Street Fighter voice and sound effect is instantly recognizable by any gamer. Since Brett Elston (Senior Geek from Geekopolis)has already writtena detailed article about the sounds of Street Fighter, I'll leave the rest of this entry to him and his impressive video.

Actually, it’s “C-c-c-c-combo breaker!” but the most of the meme-kids adopted only three ‘C’s. Regardless of how its spelled, the meme came to prominence on forums like 4chan, where it was used to denote a break in a chain of interrelated posts, or to act as a break itself. Example:

>What does “GTFO” mean?
>C-c-c-combo breaker!

It’s also easy to create variations of. We’ve just created our own in about 30 seconds by using the absolute first idea that came to us:

Above: C-c-c-caruso breaker!

See how easy that was? Anyone can make internets!

The Monkey Island series is full of great lines, but the most well-known gag is probably the "That's the second biggest ________ I've ever seen!" gag. Oh, by the way, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Editionjust launched on XBLA and PC. If you haven't played it, now is the time!

"Do a barrel roll!" can be given in place of any other advice you were going to give, or pretty much anything else you were going to say. You may as well not say anything other than "Do a barrel roll!" anymore, because if you do, someone will surely respond, "Do a barrel roll (Z or R twice)!"

Resident Evil contains some of the worst voice acting and most embarrassing lines of any game ever. That's saying a lot, considering that bad voice acting and worse translations are practically synonymous with gaming. The "Jill Sandwich" line is definitely the most repeated, just ahead of "the master of unlocking." More Resident Evil nonsense:

This line was actually lifted from a film called "They Live." Since the film isn't very good, Duke often gets the credit. Here's the scene: