The 40 most repeated game quotes

NES Ghostbusters contained this gem, which is repeated by those of us who are still easily amused by poor translations, and like to proove the justice of our culture. Also, the "great game" part is an outright lie.

%26ldquo;Wise fwum yuh gwev!%26rdquo; - Altered Beast

This phrase sounded kind-of-okay (but still distorted) in the arcade version of Altered Beast, but when translated to the Genesis it became an instantly hilarious slur of consonants. If you haven’t played the game, or couldn’t understand our attempted phonetic spelling, the phrase is “Rise from your grave!”

%26ldquo;It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.%26rdquo; - The Legend of Zelda

The original Legend of Zelda is rife with amusing quotable quotes - and quote them we have, constantly.These words of warning in particularbecame apopular image macro and spawned a myriad of variations, the most notable involving a kitten (as you know, the internet and cats are as inseparable as mainstream news and celebrity deaths).

Well, to err is human. This statement may be more profound than intended.

%26ldquo;Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?%26rdquo; - Bad Dudes

There is something distinctly '80s about this sentence, but it also implies a certain self-awareness and sophistication. It’s as if they knew how funny we’d find it in 2009.

%26ldquo;Hey dudes thanks, for rescuing me. Let's go for a burger....Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!%26rdquo; - Bad Dudes

Again, perfect.Game dialog does not get better than this.

%26ldquo;I'd buy that for a dollar!%26rdquo; - Super Smash TV

Smash TVis full of quotable lines, and this, like "Good luck, you'll need it," is one of the several that the game is known for. They aren't, of course, original lines - "I'd buy that for a dollar!" was also the catchphrase ofBixby Snyder, theabsurd TV hostfrom Robocop - but that's okay. The game gets some credit for sticking this line into our "Things to repeat when we can't think of a joke and everyone is looking at us and it's getting really awkward" file. Right next to "That's what she said."