TGS 2011: Dead or Alive 5 revealed with first gameplay footage

Ohaiyo gozimasu from Tokyo. We just returned from Team Ninja’s Unmask event in Shibuya, where the developer dropped a pile of new info on us. After showing off their upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3, the event seemed to be drawing to a close, but then Team Ninja said they had a new game to show, one that’s synonymous with the developer. After asking everyone to shut off their cameras, they played a pre-Alpha, early in development build of Dead or Alive 5.

When they showed the game in action, with Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa facing off against Hayate, our first impression of the action was just how much was going on. Cinematic, dynamic set pieces accompanied many of the attacks, and the devs defined it as “fighting entertainment.” It looked cool the first time we saw it, though we do wonder just how varied each stage will be with those elements, as we don’t want to play a stage for the 30th time to see a car explode in the exact same way.

Vigilant viewers may have noticed that trailer was missing one of DoA’s most well-known components: the attractive leading ladies of the roster. Well don’t fret pervs, as the key art for the fighting game makes sure you know that sexy girls haven’t been forgotten. Hope you weren’t too worried. The title is planned for a 2012 release on 360 and PS3.

Sep 14, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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