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Tetris the Movie is the first part of a sci-fi thriller trilogy (yup)

Making a sci-fi thriller based on Tetris? That's ridiculous! Making a sci-fi thriller trilogy based on Tetris? Now that's entertainment! Astonishment aside, Deadline Hollywood reports that Tetris the Movie is officially set to begin filming next year, complete with an $80 million budget and two planned sequels.

The film will be the first project from Threshold Global Studios, a joint venture formed by Chinese media entrepreneur Bruno Wu and American producer Larry Kasanoff (who you may remember for Mortal Kombat or, less charitably, Foodfight). Tetris the Movie is planned for release on the global market and filming will begin in China next year with an ensemble cast.

Note that this isn't to be confused with the upcoming biopic about Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris, which is presumably not a sci-fi thriller. Or at least less so.

Kasanoff told Deadline that Tetris the Movie is "not at all what you think; it will be a cool surprise". Any movie about Tetris that isn't just a bunch of blocks falling from the sky and disappearing would be a surprise to me, so it checks out so far. Hopefully there's a post-credits scene teasing a crossover with the Centipede and Missile Command movies.

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