TerrorMania DLC comes to Rage 2 next month

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Bethesda is gearing up to release Rage 2's next big expansion, the stylishly late TerrorMania. While the details of the spooky new expansion were released in full on Halloween, the actual expansion will go live November 14. TerrorMania thrusts you into an alternate reality called the Deadlands where skeletal forces are at work trying to take over the world of the living, but luckily you get an ancient, magical sword to fight back.

"When some hapless Goons tear open a gateway to an alternate dimension called the Deadlands, it’s up to Ranger Walker to find a way to close it before the inhabitants of that creepy world make their way into the real world. You’ll explore the warped versions of familiar locations like Wellspring (Hellspring) and Overgrown City (Overbone City), as well as new areas like the Floating Islands and the Hospital as you track down fragments of the shattered NecroDisc in an effort to shut the gate for good," reads Bethesda's official synopsis.

The paid expansion will cost you $5 worth of in-game currency for the base expansion and $17.50 for the deluxe version. The Digital Deluxe Upgrade bundles together the TerrorMania expansion, Cult of the Death God mission, Reaper assault rifle skin, Wasteland Celebrity Phoenix vehicle skin, and Mutant monster truck skin. Once you play through the DLC, you'll be able to return to any of the re-skinned areas of the Wasteland indefinitely.

TerrorMania is the second of two major expansions planned for Rage 2, and it's unclear what might be next for the apocalyptic first-person shooter.

Correction: The article originally stated that you could get the Terrormania DLC pack free with the Deluxe Edition of the game. Owners of the original Deluxe Edition of Rage 2 actually get free access to the Rise the of Ghosts expansion. We regret the error.   

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