Terminators, titans and traitors

If it seems like just a few years ago that the only place to get trailers was at films’ official sites or the likes of Apple and Yahoo, that’s because it was. But now we live in the age of the mighty, occasionally blurry YouTubes and anywhere some random footage crops up, you just know someone out there is waiting to upload it.

First off, and taking full advantage of the ‘tubes, is Sylvester Stallone, who, after sending a two minute battle blast of promo material from John Rambo to Ain’t It Cool news, has seen it squirm its way on to other corners of the ‘net. Looks like he’s not worried about keeping the violence toned down (hello, Die Hard 4.0) or about upsetting the people who are concerned about our children. Of course, this being YouTube, the footage might be gone by the time you click here , but it’s well worth it…

Second up is a rarity: a trailer for a TV show. But this is not just any offering from the glowing goggle box. This is the footage shown at US network Fox’s recent promotional splash for advertisers (the “upfronts” in telly lingo) of a certain Terminator-based thriller series. Yes, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which stars 300’s Lena Headey in the lead role, has arrived. Of course, this being Fox and it being sci fi, we expect it to get cancelled after ten episodes (that sound you hear is our main man in LA still weeping bitter, salty tears over the loss of Firefly), but we’re trying to stay hopeful. And it looks like fun, even if the Terminators look a little cheaper than the mega-budget movie versions. No word on when – if – this will make it to UK screens, but we’ll keep the dogs alert in case the T-800s make it across the pond. Find the trailer and a few clips here .

Finally, The Yards director James Gray’s new film is causing a splash at Cannes right now (expect Total Film’s report about it up on the blog shortly) for being a stylish, dark drama. Starring Yard boys Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg in a tail of crime and sibling treachery, it’s not due to strike our screens until next January. But you can get your first taste right here .

Source: ( Youtube.com ) ( lanuitnousappartient.com )