Terminator: Dark Fate does not have a post-credits scene because they are a "uniquely Marvel thing," says Tim Miller

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Tim Miller has a history of post-credits scenes. Tagged onto the end of the director's last feature-film, Deadpool, was a great sequence that saw the Merc with a Mouth tease a sequel while wearing pyjamas, a spoof of Ferris Bueller's Big Day Off. With that in mind (plus the current trend of nearly every franchise movie having a credits tag), does Terminator: Dark Fate (opens in new tab) have a post-credits scene?

“I love [end credits scenes], but I think it’s a uniquely Marvel thing," said Miller when asked that question by Fandango (opens in new tab). "So, no.” GamesRadar+ sat through the credits of Dark Fate just to check there was no sneaky change of mind from the filmmaker, and can confirm there is indeed no post-credits sequence.

However, if you're looking to get more Terminator in your life, may we politely point you towards our interview with Mackenzie Davis (opens in new tab), who plays a half-robot, half human in the new Terminator movie? We quizzed the actress about the gruelling shoot, which required Davis to go on an extreme diet to show off her muscles.

"It was the hardest thing I've ever done," she said. "It's funny talking about it now, because I would say I'm not an athlete, and I'm not terribly motivated to do athletic things. The lack of sleep, and the amount of work that went into this movie... I feel very proud, and also shocked, that I did it."

For those who have seen the movie and have questions of there own, you can read all about the Terminator timeline (opens in new tab), which may clarify (or confuse) you. 

Terminator: Dark Fate is currently playing in UK cinemas and reaches US theatres November 1. 

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