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Terminator 4 plot points revealed

When The Hollywood Reporter told us yesterday that Anton Yelchin could be in talks to star in the fourth Terminator, we didn't quite believe it. After all, the part he was said to be up for was Kyle Reese, John Connor's dad. Which would be fine, if Christian Bale wasn't playing John Connor. But then we remembered that this is a time travel movie, dummy, so anything is possible.

And it seems the relationship between Reese and Connor is going to form the main story arc of the new Terminator flicks. Which sounds like a good idea to us - we can't wait to see how Reese develops his Terminator terror, and seeing Bale emote as he has to send his protégé / dad back in time to his certain death. Well, we did give you a spoiler alert.

For more details head over to Cinema Blend.

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