Temtem announced for PS5 with next-gen gameplay footage

Sony has announced that Crema's Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem is getting a PS5 release some time in 2021. The news was revealed alongside a new gameplay trailer captured on the next-gen hardware, and naturally, Temtem's never looked better. Check out the trailer up top for all the shiny new next-gen Temtem gameplay footage.

I take the liberty of calling Temtem "Pokemon-inspired" because Crema wears the inspiration on its sleeve. At one point, the Steam description for Temtem included a Pokemon reference in the first line, but that's since been removed. Either way, Temtem got an Early Access release at the beginning of the year to positive reception, and sounds like a wholesome good time for fans of creature-collecting and MMOs. Here's a bit from our own Temtem impressions around launch:

"Temtem has a long way to go. Some big names have tried to jump on the Pokemon bandwagon over the years, and few of them have found even a fraction of Nintendo's success. Something feels different this time, though; Temtem is clearly the result of years of love and affection, but also isn't afraid to cast a critical eye over the genre where necessary. That willingness to acknowledge Pokemon's flaws puts Temtem in a unique position. Rather than placing itself in direct opposition with Nintendo, it's clear that Crema hopes to help improve the format as a whole, allowing both Temtem and Pokemon to thrive side by side."

Temtem is currently only available on Steam, but Crema has plans to bring it to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and now, PS5. We don't have a concrete release date just yet, but we know it's launching on PlayStation consoles next year.

Temtem is just one of the most exciting upcoming PS5 games coming next-gen.

Jordan Gerblick

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