Telstra has ten Xbox Series X consoles up for grabs, but there’s effort involved

(Image credit: Telstra)

Ahead of the Xbox Series X launch in November, Australian Xbox All Access operator Telstra is giving away ten consoles, each bundled with 24 month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, worth a total of AU$1,104. It’s not an enter-and-wait scenario though: to stand a chance of winning you’ll need to put a bit of effort in.

If you’re still reading, the X Marks The Spot promotion requires participants to scour the internet for hidden consoles. Presumably, these images resemble Xbox Series X, but according to Telstra it’ll have a “distinctive mark giving you a pretty good idea of what you’ve found.” There are ten of these hidden consoles scattered about the web in locations “picked for [their] significance to Telstra or Xbox,” and if you’re the first to find one you win.


If you’d rather skip the competition and sign up for Xbox All Access directly, Telstra is getting people to pre-register on its site right now. Series X plans start at AU$46, while Series S starts at AU$33. Note that you’ll need to be a Telstra post-paid mobile or broadband customer to subscribe to Xbox All Access, which you add to your account as a service add-on. 

The competition will last for as long as those hidden consoles remain undiscovered. There are ten clues on the X Marks the Spot website, corresponding to the ten hidden locations. If riddles like “broccoli mixed with football to focus on the task at hand” don’t immediately make your eyes glaze over, maybe you’re in with a chance. 

When the console corresponding to each clue is discovered, it’ll be announced on the Telstra website. If you think you’ve cracked a riddle and discovered a console, you’ll need to enter the form here.

The Xbox Series X release date is November 10; it’ll cost AU$749 outright, or AU$46 per month on Xbox All Access over a 24-month period. Xbox Series X pre-orders will open on September 22. 

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