Telltale Games joins forces with Lionsgate for an original series

Telltale Games has united with Lionsgate Entertainment to create a new series of original franchises based around Telltale’s latest framework, The Super Show.

Over the last several years, Telltale has crafted a new type of video gaming that borrows heavily from television’s episodic style. By allowing players to make decisions during gameplay, each episode can be ushered into a specific direction. Two of their most popular titles were adapted from small screen hits, The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones.

With Lionsgate now investing in the company, its expected this collaboration will shepherd in what Telltale CEO Kevin Bruner describes as “a very natural evolution of the interactive story telling expertise we’ve pioneered.”

Talking to EW, Bruner went on to describe what a Super Show will entail:

“A ‘Super Show’ episode combines one part of interactive playable content with one part of scripted television style content. Both pieces, when combined together, are what make an actual Super Show ‘episode.’”

It’s not an interactive series with a show, or a TV show with a game, but a story integrated in a way that only Telltale can do.”

With regards to the specifics of Lionsgate’s involvement, he went on to say:

“We quickly found out that we share many similar ideas about the future of scripted entertainment... We felt Telltale and Lionsgate are both best in class at what we do and we’re eager to combine our efforts and compliment our skills.”

So, does this mean Telltale has first dibs on any of the studio’s pre-existing material - i.e. The Hunger Games? It’s “feasible”, says Bruner, "but there’s nothing to announce right now.” With that said, it might be some time before gamers can commandeer Katniss Everdeen.

Gem Seddon

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