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Team Jacob alert: New 'transformation' clip online

Yesterday added a new word to our Twilight lexicon - 'Twi-tastic' - and now we have a reason to use it.

Arriving on the internet today is one of the first clips to be released in the run up to New Moon , and gives us an expanded look at the transformation scene glimpsed in the trailer.

Benefitting from a couple of extra months post-production, the CGI is now much better than the August promo, and with a few weeks left unitl release expect there to be yet more tweaks in the final print.

So there you go, that should whet your twi-ppetite, and leave all the twi-hards out there completely twi-lerious.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is released 20 November, watch this space for more clips as they twi-rrive.

Wolf-out or wolf-off? Let us know your opinion!