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Taylor Hackford knows The Woman Next Door

Though he helped steer Jamie Foxx to an Oscar with Ray, Taylor Hackford is still not the director we’d expect to be handed a Francois Truffaut remake.

Still, New Line seems to think he can do justice to a US version of La Femme d’a Cote (or, to translate, The Woman Next Door). And the studio has hired a quality writer to make sure the script’s up to snuff (The Wicker Man notwithstanding), as Neil LaBute will provide the words.

"This is a lesser-known Truffaut film about ex-lovers, long separated, who suddenly find themselves living next door to each other," LaBute gassed to Variety. "Each is married. Neither tells their spouse they know each other, and it's a collision course into disaster as they rekindle a volatile relationship, with great passion and suspense. Taylor said if he was ever going to remake a movie, this was the one he could do something with."

This script will mark the first film that LaBute’s ever written for another director, but he won’t get started on it until the writers’ strike is resolved. So don’t wait up…