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TalkRadar 50 – all about YOU

Above: Andy B. created a badassteaser we can't possibly live up to

Top 7… gut-wrenching choices– or, as Charlie admits, the Top 7… decisions.

Above: One wants to die, the other is a giant douche. Dilemmas!

Motion controls are coming to Xbox 360– first avatars, now motion silliness. Could a handheld MicroBoy be far behind?

Above: Finally coming to Xbox!

Punch-Out!! exclusive boxer reveals– see, GamesRadar gets cool exclusives too.

Above: You are going to love this game. If not, then you’re wrong

More shitty Spider-Man audio– from the Sega CD game we vow to reference once every four podcasts.

Above: Sounds like a plan

Question of the Week 34– what’s your biggest non-gaming interest?

Above: Foam claws are ready? Bon Soir reference, anyone?

Above: Tyler invented a new way to mark edit points for Chris – smacking the mic one thousand times

Above: The Official TalkRadar Pigeon, who sits outside and refuses to leave no matter what we do

Above: Be sure to listen all the way to the end!

Above: If only ssj4radtiz knew that Charlie held this pose for seven hours, crippled with indecision

Above: WiLdFiRe567 made us a fine lookin’ Pontiac Solstice in Forza 2

Above: Actual image from TalkRadar 49, courtesy of WJRA356

Above: King Lord Duke the Baron renamed Minneapolis as Bonertown, made official here by ol’ ClusterShart

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Post date:
May 8, 2009
T-Dar 50 length: 02:11:17
Quote of the week: “It didn’t give him goosebumps, but it did give him an erection”
Intro song by:Anamanaguchi
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