Punch-Out!! – exclusive boxer reveals!

That’s why we’re happy to reveal four new additions to the upcoming Wii sequel. We’ll have a full-blown review coming up in a few weeks, but for now, take a look at these familiar faces.

Piston Hondo

Back from the original NES game, Piston’s gone through a minor name change. We asked about the difference (he was originally Piston Honda) and it sounds like Honda itself might’ve factored in the alteration. Nothing like Mr. Honda called Mr. Nintendo to complain, just some preventative swapping.

Above: Hondo’s boxing behavior is extremely similar to his NES form

Above: He’ll mix up sweeping uppercuts with these faster jabs. Watch out!

Above: Proper punches will knock little sushi items out of his head

Above: The official character art

Great Tiger is another holdover from the original. His tricks include disappearing and reappearing elsewhere in the ring, as well as a duplicating fake-out move where he tries to cross you up. Check it in the video below.

Above: The aforementioned duplication move. Which way’s he gonna go?

Above: Every Punch-Out!! boxer has a “tell.” Guess what his is?

Above: Tiger gloating after knocking Mac to the mat

Above: The official character art

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