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Punch-Out!! – exclusive boxer reveals!

After beating the game once, you’ll unlock Title Defense, a significantly harder mode that pits you against the same boxers with all-new attacks, patterns and tells. Sounds kind of lame, but the boxers behave so differently it’s essentially a whole new roster. We’re Punch-Out!! vets and can safely say… this is hard.

Glass Joe %26ndash; Title Defense

Glass Joe was the first boxer in the NES game and continues that dubious honor in the Wii version. The second time around he sports cushioned headgear and some new fake-out punches that, dare we say it, actually make him tough.

Above: Joe’s pissed, and this time you can’t hit him in the head

Above: Well, you can hit him, but you’ll have to figure out how

Above: Prepare to get beat up… by Glass freaking Joe

Above: The official character art

One of the most famous boxers in all of gamedom, King Hippo (of Hippo Island) finally figured out that his bandaged stomach was a very telling weakness. What’s the best way to cover up your aching tum-tum? A manhole lid!

Above: Wha…how do? How hurt King Hippo when tum’s covered?

Above: Expect a whole lotta this while trying to take him down

Above: Proof that there IS a way. Figure it out yourself!

Above: The official character art

Sadly, that’s all we have for today. Punch-Out!! will make its triumphant return on May 19 in the US, May 22 in the UK. Look for our review then.

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