Take-Two takes down Goat Simulator 3 ad showing leaked GTA 6 footage

Goat Simulator 3 screenshots
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Take-Two Interactive has issued a takedown notice after Goat Simulator 3 released an ad showing footage from September's massive GTA 6 leak.

In case you missed it during its tragically brief life on YouTube and other platforms, an official Goat Simulator 3 ad gave a hilarious overview of an NPC named Shaun. It was just a cute little promotional video meant to get eyes on the sequel in a way that's consistent with the Goat game's goofy, off the wall tone. Unfortunately though, the developers took the joke too far when they superimposed Shaun into some B-roll footage of the GTA 6 leak, drawing the ire of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive's legal crew. In other words, Goat Simulator 3 f*cked around and found out.

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I was able to see the video before it got deleted, and it was genuinely hilarious. That said, as soon as I saw the leaked GTA 6 footage, I knew Goat Simulator's ad wasn't long for this world. Part of me suspects Coffee Stain North knew this too and are hoping the controversy - not to mention related articles like this one right here - will give the game some post-launch visibility ahead of the holidays.

Unfortunately, for our part, we found Goat Simulator 3's gags to be a mildly distracting front for its shallow mission structure and lack of compelling gameplay features. That's just us though! You can give it a go for yourself right now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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