Susanne Bier finds The Duchess

She was the woman who delved into the dark places in human relationships for the Danish Dogme drama Open Hearts. And Susanne Bier is currently busy directing Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro in emotional rollercoaster Things We Lost In The Fire.

Bier clearly isn’t finished dealing with turbulent characters. Her next job brings her to Blighty for a stab at Amanda Foreman’s novel Georgina Duchess Of Devonshire. So far, so Sense And Sensibility, but Duchess delves beyond the heaving bosoms and witty banter to portray a woman considered a beautiful icon of her time, trapped in a bitterly stagnant marriage featuring – in classic Princess Di fashion – three people. Her, her hubby and his mistress, who even shares the house (that was all the rage back then.)

In retaliation, she falls in love with a go-getting young politician, with the affair sparking a bitter feud with her hubby and teetering on the edge of a scandal.

There’s no word on casting yet – Bier still has to finish up work on Fire, but she’ll start shooting early next on location here in the UK.

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