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SURPRISE! GTA San Andreas has arrived on PS3 for... some reason

Well... Um. That's... Uh... It looks like Rockstar has snuck GTA San Andreas out on the PS3. Yes, the PS3. It appears to be a reworking of the recent 360 remaster that's been slipped out on to the PlayStation Store without so much as a mention. You can find it here for US and here for the EU.

As I said, it seems to be the same 720p remaster that appeared on 360 a while back, with only a switch in the trophies: 'The Key to San Andreas' is now the platinum on PS3, replacing the Trickster achievment on 360. It's definitely an odd one because the PS3's weird Cell architecture means you generally can't just press a magic port button, suggesting Rockstar expended some time and effort doing this. For that same reason it's also unlikely this means we'll see anything on PS4 either. Very strange indeed.

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Leon Hurley

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