Superman Returns in full flow

EA has released a trailer and fresh details about its Superman Returns game which will accompany the summer release of the Warner Bros film.

The trailer has Superman battling the evil Metallo in the streets of Metropolis which unsurprisingly is the setting for the game.

80 virtual squares miles of bustling fictional city - incorporating over 1,000 buildings - are being created for the game. It's here that The Man of Steel will has to protect the people of Metropolis from natural and not-so-natural disasters.

The citizens will alert Superman to danger by screaming and acting like big children, but at other times will cheer the hero on, leaving their cars to take pictures whenever he shows up.

It's taking care of these people that will be a priority and may well get in the way of Superman's pursuit of the various super-villains that will show up during the game.

Take a look at the trailer on the movies tab above to see Superman demonstrate several of his super-powers in the game, including the ability to fly through the air at 800mph, so becoming a super-human missile. Then there's his heat vision that can melt metal or be focused to slice through objects.

Other powers featured in the game include x-ray vision, super strength, super hearing and super breath. These powers can be combined and used to devastating effect, such as freezing water with super breath then using his strength to hurl the newly formed ice at an opponent.

The structure of the game seems to be similar to the excellent Spider-Man 2, as there're mini-missions to discover by roaming free in the city, along with action taken directly from the movie alongside original content created just for the game.

Superman Returns will be released for PS2 and Xbox, and should be released around the time the film hits UK cinemas in July.