Supergirl cast talk fan expectations

The cast of CBS's Supergirl show have been telling IGN what we can expect from the new show, and just how they're coping with the pressure of bringing such a well-loved franchise to the small screen.

"I think we’re just as excited to work on it and create it," says Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist. "There’s a lot of pressure, but the good kind to just blow everyone out of the water and inspire some people." Mehcad Brooks, Jimmy Olsen in the new show, is similarly excited. "It’s a dream come true but at the same time, it’s also our job so we have to respect the world we’re stepping into but also bring our own voice to it. That’s exciting, doing that juggling act and trying to have a good time and not be stressed out about it."

The new show will see Kara Zor-El decide to stop hiding her super-powers and step up the the superhero plate, but just why has it taken her so long to embrace her Kryptonian abilities? "There are numerous reasons that you’ll discover throughout the show," says Benoist. "Also I think part of her thinks Earth already had a hero. It’s been 24 years and she comes to Earth and Superman, who was a baby then, is now grown and is Earth’s hero and she kind of feels like she won’t live up to what he has created for himself."

Fortunately, she'll have Superman's old buddy Olsen on hand to help steer the ship. "Superman asked my character to come and watch over his cousin," says Brooks, "who he cares about very much, and help her reach her potential. So it isn’t about me as it is I’m a tool to help her get there." Supergirl will premiere on CBS on 26 October 2015.

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