Super Street Fighter IV : Dubious Achievement leak 'confirms' new characters, schoolboy error teases possible fakery

A list of supposed new Achievements for Super Street Fighter IV has appeared, along with matching icons. They seem to indicate that the arcade version's Yun and Yang will be making the jump to the original home version of the game, along with Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma. Only problem?Four of the Achievements are currently listedas havingthe same criteria. Now who'd mess that up?

There you have the Achievement list. It all seems plausible enough. Pictures of Oni Akuma looking blue and demonic. Pictures of Evil Ryu looking like Ryu but evil. Pictures of Yun and Yang looking all hip and cool, provided it's still the late '90s and that sort of thing is still acceptable. But check this out:

Four of the Achievements are listed as "complete arcade mode on medium without using a continue". If they're character-specific Achievements, the game is a bit vague about explaining that. They could be placeholder descriptions though. Another problem? The medium-no-continue feat is already a Super Street Fighter IV Achievement, being a 10G task called Herculean Effort. Either these are placeholder descriptions, or just bollocks.

SFIV Producer Yoshinori Ono has said several times that he's not sure if the arcade game's new characters will go the way of DLC, so the issue would be a prime candidate for sneaky online fakers to play around with. But why would someone go to all of this trouble, only to balls it all up with a schoolboy copy-paste error? It's a tricky one alright. Let me know what you think.


David Houghton
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