Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Super Mario Sunshine Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Unknown

    Fast And Easy Lives on Isle Delfino

    To get Fast and Easy lives on Isle Delfino, you must find the Red Cannon that takes you to Pinna Park. There is a gap next to it. Look closely at the gap and you will see an Underground Hole which contains a 1-Up Mushroom. Swim underwater and get it. Then, go to any level and come back. It will be there again, waiting for you to snatch it. Repeat this to get ALOT of lives. Enjoy!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Evan Sheldahl

    Secret Minigame

    First, you must have the turbo nozzle. Then go to the place where the two policemen are standing. There is a door in the middle of them. Stand back and bash through the door. You will be transported to a minigame!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bobby Blabby

    Biggest Watermelon

    Gelanto Beach

    Go to Gelanto Beach and go to the top where the staircase is. You will find a HUGE watermelon that wins the contest. It is very hard to get it down because the darn sand dunes destroy it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Dinoyoshi

    Lots of Lives

    *In Delfino Plaza, there are many ways to get lives. Near the cannon that sends you to Pinna Park, in the water, theres a little cave that has a life in it.

    *There are 3 people In Delfino Plaza that want fruit. The first time you give them the fruit they want, they give you a blue coin. After that, they give you lives.

    *In Ricco harbor, near they guy standing on the bricks, there are 2 crates. The one in the corner has a life in it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by sunshine fan

    Shine Spirit #2

    in Delfino plaza go to the edge of town and look for a green tunnel you can get there by doing a backflip the usine your nozzle.There's a minigame you have to beat to get it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Nathan

    Free Coins

    Delfino plaza

    Squirt the "wanted" posters with mario 's picture on it to get free coins.

  • GameCube | Submitted by David of cheats

    Two Rounds of Boxing

    On Isle Delfeno, on the docks (not the one with the boathouse) you will see a plot of land with water in between you and it. After going into Banico Hills for the first time, a building will open its doors, go in, and talk to the person inside he will want you to bash all of the boxes, if you compete this task in time, he will give you a shine sprite. You may do so twice, though each time is harder than the last.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Harry

    Secret Shine in Delfino Plaza D

    Go to the area of delfino plaza were the were you cna catcch the boats for a ride.When you are ther go to the bid white pillar/tower thing and go to the left side of it. When you get there you will see a opend door. Go into the door and ont the inside you will see a guy talk to him and he will give you 30seconds to smash all of the boxes. When you brake them the prize will be a Shine.(You can go this a seond time but there will be more boxes but you will still get a second shine.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bradley

    Lots of Blue Coins

    To get lots of blue coins it is very simple if you see a lady with a basket she'll ask you to get 3 fruits so go get some fruits she told you to get put the 3 fruits into the basket talk to her AND WALLA A BLUE COIN you can keep on doing this and you'll get more coins

  • GameCube | Submitted by Fahad Sharwani

    Total Number of Shine Sprites

    Ok. A lot of people are wondering how many Shine Sprites there are in the game. Well there are a total of 120 Shine Sprites. The shines break down as follows: Each of the seven main levels has eight shines, two hidden shines, and one 100 Gold Coin Shine. That's 77 Shine Sprites. Delfino Plaza has 16, the Airport has 2 plus the 100 Gold Coin Shine, and Mount Corona(the last level) has 1. That's a total of 96 Shine Sprites. Now, each main level has 30 blue coins, while the Airport has one, the Plaza has 19, and Mount Corona has 10. That is a total number of 240 Blue Coins. Cash them in the Racoon Hut in town to bring the total up to 120 Shine Sprites.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Team Heely Central

    Mario's Hawaiian Shirt and Sunglasses

    To get Mario's Sunglasses go to the blob in the Hub - World wearing Sunglasses and a Hawaiian Shirt, Go to him and talk to him. You have to talk to him at a certain part of the game in the hub world! If you have already beaten the game it will still work, even when you get to the Hub world and talk to him its not going to work unless you talk to him at a certain part of the game!

    Once you have beaten the game go back to the hub world and talk to the same guy you got your sunglasses from! You will get to see mario in a total new outfit!!! (other than his SHORT SLEEVED shirt with his overalls!) This is a very cool cheat because for 20 years we have seen Mario in his red LONG SLEEVED shirt and his overalls!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Michael Toff

    Corona Mountain

    To get to Corona Mountain, you have to beat the first 7 levels in each world. After doing so, the town will be flooded, and you have to chase shadow Mario into the mountain. Basically, you have to use the hover nozzle to douse the fire platforms and timing to avoid the spikes. You also have to be careful because the fire and spikes do 3 damage and the lava kills you. The boat is hard, but you can get through.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mairi

    Five Free Shines

    Shine 1-Walk over to the lighthouse (Delfino Plaza),and stand on the sand next to it.
    Spray water a lot on the sand in different places, until you come across what looks like a flat shine. Ground pound it and a shine will appear on the towers in the sea.

    Shine 2-When you get 25 shines, you will chase evil mario. When he hands over the turbo booster, go back to where you first saw him.In a nearby building you will see a shine in a room. Face the door, and do a turbo-run into it. Jump, and walla, you have a shine!

    Shine 3-In Delfino Plaza, jump on to the roof anywhere. Walk around for a while and you will see a man sitting down. Talk to him and he will ask for three coins. Give him them, and he will throw you into a tower with a shine.

    Shine 4-When you get the rocket boost in Delfino Plaza, walk over to the lady who asks for fruit, and has a basket which is high.
    Jump onto the net, and you will be in a pond.
    Use your rocket boost, and you will land next to the mega-shine. Clean it and you will get a shine. Also, there is a new world in the pipe.

    Shine 5-In Noki Bay, for episode 2, you will find a MEGA trampoline in one of the tunnels. When you jump to the top, there will be a gold parrot. Spray it a few times, and it will turn into a shine.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Matt

    Corona Mountain

    Corona Mountain is extremely hard but not any more. The time you go is when the spikes come up, and the fire you blow out with your hover nozzle. Oh goody we got through that now we deal with the Crashing Titanic. The boat is simple. If you shoot right you'll TURN left and the same thing with the left. If you want to get through this level you'll need a light touch. When I said about the rights and lefts you also need to shoot backward. If you are going to crash in something go to the front and shoot. When you get to the end you'll maybe 6 blue coins. You decide if you want them.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Benjamin

    How To Get 1 More Shine Sprite In Isle D

    To Get 1 More Shine Sprite in Ise Delfino you must get the the rocket nozzel. Then go to the lighthouse thing where the blue toad is. After that go to the top of it then you will see a pictue of a comet, and go up with your rocket nozzel do a megs ground pound. You will break it and a shine sprite will appear then get it with you rocket nozzel.

  • GameCube | Submitted by spikke

    How to Beat the Mirror Things

    Ok first go to gelato beach right after you beat dune bud sand castle secret first jump on top of the mirror then shoot it with water till it is standing on one foot at the edge of the mirror then run to the top of it and ground pound the tip of the mirror then it should fly off.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chelsie

    Delfino Beach Secret

    On the Delfino Beach by the men fighting and the umbrellas

    Spray the sand utill you see some sparks and keep on spraying until the shine sprite apears.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kalino Grace

    How to defeat Bowser

    When you get to Bowser you will have the rocket nozzle.When Bowser is done talking Baby bowser will shoot bullet bills and Bowser
    will breathe fire at you.You have to use the rocket nozzle over the fire symbols by you and then ground pound the symbols after you use the rocket nozzle.The symbols will break but this weird green goo will splash all over the arena. After you destroy all the fire symbols you will defeat Bowser.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bogthedoggy

    Tips For Beginners

    Some tips that are very helpful include the fact that you should use the hover setting on your water cannon to get across gaps and to explore when high up by jumping off a high object and the hitting the R button. Another tip is when your in the water press the B button to dive. Who knows what treasures lurk in the water's murky depths. Also if you keep blasting away an M on a wall left by the culprit who polluted the island you will get a blue coin. In the first level you will find a blue coin in the river. You'll also find a huge M on the top of the building with the big wheel. Blast it to get a blue coin. Find the huge Ms in the other levels too. Ill keep u informed on more tips!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bogthedoggy

    Walking Wires

    In the first level you can walk on clotheslines and you wont fall off so dont worry.When you are on a clothesline press the A button to jump high.Try it!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Adam Felty

    Up,Up and Away!

    Press X or R to fly up in the air with the Hover Nozzle use the Joystick to move around in the air you can also spray your WATER CANON While in the air.You can navigate to Roofs,find hidden BLUE COINS and SHINE SPRITES.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Stardust Memory88

    How to beat the Squid thingy

    This is very simple. All you have to do is daze the enemy(or not) then grab the squids tentacle and move backwards and then SNAP! It comes right off!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bogthedoggy

    The Pesky Pirahnna Plant

    When you get to the large sludge spitting piranha plant in the windmill you'll have to beat it in order to move on. When it opens up its mouth use the spray function on the water cannon to pray water into its mouth.Aim carefully.When it tips over and a red arrow appears do a ground pound on the bump on its stomach.To do a ground pound, while your in the air press the L button and you should do a ground pound. Watch out for the enemies and the sludge the piranha lant spits out. The sludge will damage you. Also be aware he has a special trick for if u get too close. To regain your life the piranha plant should make some miniature replicas of itself and when you spray them with your water cannon they will drop coins.And your water cannon will refil itself automatically when u run out.Do the sray and pound combinations a few times to gain victory.And if the pirahnna plant should spit out sludge than oint your water cannon down at the sludge and clean it up. You now know how t!
    o beat him. Just know not to get too close or he will use his special trick(he'll swipe you with his head and do it in a counter-clockwise direction).Go get him!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mario fan

    Washing off

    If Mario is filled with polluted paint all over him,you can either do afew spin jumps or jump in the water to get the paint off!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Paul Carroll

    Turbo Nozzle Gravity Defiying Jump

    You probably won't find this move in any strategy guide or another site and keep in mind it's just for fun.

    You can't turn very fast with the turbo nozzle and you can't turn at all while jumping with the turbo nozzle. You can though with this move.

    First get the Turbo Nozzle then start using it to go really fast. While your going fast spin jump(rotate control pad then press A) and immediately after that press Y to go into the view mode. While your in view mode going extremely fast you can turn while spinning in the air inside view mode!! That way you can run around Delfino Plaza with the turbo nozzle doing insanly tight turns and even do 180 degree turn while in the air with the turbo nozzle running!

    It kinda confusing but if you get it right it's pretty fun to run around with.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeat the King Boo guy

    ok, go to the hotel in sierena beach and talk to the dude in front to go in. then go talk to the pink guy who looks like a sailor and he'll let you in the casino. now go on the big round thing in the middle of the room and pound on the purple tile. then it will go to some secret chamber. now king boo will come out of the middle. shoot water at him and he'll spin the slot thingy. if you get all pinapples,he'll give you food! then throw the long, red food AT HIS TONGUE! if done correctly his tongue will catch fire. then quickly throw a different piece of food AT HIS FOREHEAD! if done correctly, he'll be injured. do this one or two more times to defeat him!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mairi

    Two Blue coins


    Blue Coin 1-In Delfino plaza, land in front of the statue.
    Walk right, and you will see inside a building a blue coin. Swim around the back of the building, and you will see a hole. Go in it, and you are infront of a blue coin.

    Blue Coin 2-In Delfino Plaza, climb onto the rooftops. You will see a flock of parrots. They are all green, except for one, which is blue. Spray it, and pop, its a blue coin.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Ian Shaub

    Get free coins out of a windmill

    What you have to do to get free coins out of windmills is you have to go to the first level and spray a windmill until a coin comes out but you can't stop spraying until it pops out you can do this with all the windmills.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mairi

    Entrance to Noki Bay

    When you get 20 shines, a big rainbow looking thing will appear in front of a fountain.
    stand in it, and press 'y'. Look into the sun.
    You are now in Noki Bay.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Josh Powell

    How To Beat The Final Boss (Bowser)

    To beat Boser you must earn (without buying any) 80 shines sprites. Then Defino Plasa floods and you must chase shadow mario (Baby Bowser) into Corona Mountian. After that you must get through the Corona Mountain level dousing fire, dousing spies, traveling across lava in a boat, and then use the rocket nosel to go up through clouds landing on each one. Then you land on the edge of a poolwere Boser and Baby Boser are relaxing in. Be careful, the water is hot it will burn you and take off 3 damage. you must knock the pool off balance so you drop through the sky by using the rocket nosel and then "ground pound" the targets while dodging bullet bills and steaming hot water.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Kevin

    Secret Shine

    First, go to the fountain, close to the statue and get the rocket nozzle; you must have 30 or more Shine sprites to get it. Go to the top of the lighthouse. Rocket up in the air and do a ground pound on the fire
    symbol and a Shine should appear.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mario Sunshine Fan

    Go Faster

    To make Mario go faster press the B button repeatly, or Hold R down slightly while running then u press the B button (NOTE: nozzle must be Water to perform the second stunt)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Team Heely Central

    Return to airport!

    (This is the Same person who put Mario's Hawaiian shirt and Sunglasses!)

    For the Hawaiian Shirt I found out that the Hawaiian shirt is shaped like a shine pattern and you really don't have to beat the entire game to get it!

    But for this one you do! To Return to the airport, beat the ENTIRE game and get back to the airport and there will be a lot of cool fun stuff to do there, like get coins and all that! Its sort of like a small unknown secret level! So try it out, its pretty cool!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Super Mario Sunshine Pro

    Get 100 coins

    Getting 100 coins can be a problem. But I'll help you out with where to go and with some advice on what to do.( I've done these before so it should work).

    Grab the Rocket Nozzle and follow the line of coins. Don't forget to jump on the enemies.

    Episode 3-Coins are very easy to find here. Make sure you destroy the enemies. There's 2 owl like birds flying around the area where there was 2 bee hives. Or it was the area with many palm trees. Squirt the 2 birds with water collecting their coins until they give you a 1-up. Then just keep squirting the bird until it touches the ground or jump on it to get another coin.

    Episode 3-Make sure you explore the tunnels and try to jump out through holes whether there's boxes on it or not. You can find valuable coins there. Scour the catwalks and hop on top of bloopers to discover more coins.

    Episode 8-Bring watermelons to the stand to get some coins. High above the stand is a wire which you can swing on to nab some more coins (hold up as you jump off of the wire as it's spinning). Cataquacks will give you a coin if you spray them and then jump on them. More coins are under the stands dock. and on the ceiling of the beach house. There's more by riding the swing on the small island.

    Episode 2-Spraying the beach will give you some coins but you might want to look more into the flying bullet bills. It's possible to get 999 coins in this area if you're patient. Just keep on spraying those bullet bills. Look for the gold ones. They give you the most coins!

    Episode 1 or 4-It'll take awhile but in Episode 1 you can get a 100 coins by spraying the ground (beach, grass, path, etc.) and grabbing the coins just laying around. It takes awhile but I've done it!
    In Episode 4 you can take your chances by grabbing as much coins as you can before entering the casino and hope you win enough coins to get the shine before you get the three 7's.

    Episode 6-Most of the coins are lined up across the water. Check inside the cliff walls and near the Rocket Nozzle.

    Episode 1-You can extinguish the flames on the mushrooms, then pound their caps to uncover some coins. If you pound the nose of the Pianta shaped tree and pound inside the concrete basin you can get some more coins.

    In some Episodes it's not possible to get 100 coins. All of this information is very accurate and should be helpful in your hunt!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bogthedoggy

    More Tips

    Wanna learn how some of the water cannon functions work? Let me show you. First use the regular pump function to clean up sludge on the walls and ground. Use the hover function to go across large gaps ad hover while you clean the sludge on the ground,its two in one! The rocket function allows you to soar to new heights by making you blast off like a rocket. The other function allows you to quickly gain speed on land and water use this as an escape or to get somewhere quickly. Use these functions in the right ways and maybe you might master them very efficiently!

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeating da bosses

    Bianco hills-To defeat him, spray the water into his mouth when he is about to spit out brown goo at a random place. Do this quickly.
    When he's down ground pound him on his stomach. Do this 3 times and you'll win.

    He'll be back next time, and when he does, search for his perch. Fill up the balloon creatures with water, adn launch it at him. When you begin the fight, do the same process, but this time, he will fly. Spray him to get him down. When he does, he'll send tornadoes at you. Avoid the attack and defeat him!!!

    Ricco harbor- Spray his face until his eyes get red and when he slaps tentacles at you, ground pound his tentacles. Then pull his snout back and snap it. Do this two times and you'll win. He'll return the second time, but do exactly like I had told you. (Look at Super Mario Sunshine strategy Guide for more information.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Gmm

    Cheat Update for Sunglasses

    The real way to get the sunglasses is to get 30 Shine Sprites and alreadly have Yoshi unlocked. Then go talk to the guy, and he will give you the sunglasses. The Hawaiian Shirt, you really do have to beat the game.

  • GameCube | Submitted by BIG Mario fan

    Refill Your Water cannon

    Go in any part of water you can find. Then press R.Your watercannon should be full!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mairi

    Free and extra lives

    Life 1-(Isle Delfino)Go to the island near the lighthouse where the man who says he has been lost on the island for 3 years. Put water on the campfire, and quickly chase the life that comes out.

    Life 2-(Isle Delfino)Go to the man who thinks about giving you sunglasses. Walk a few steps towards the lighthouse from there, and you might here the sound of metal and see a circle. Ground Pound it and in the middle of the cave there is a life.

    Now, once you have these two lives, save the game and then turn off you Game Cube.
    Turn it back on and you will have 6 lives, and you can continusly do this cheat (12 lives-18lives-24lives etc;)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sneaky Reece

    2 Blue Coins In Siereina Beach

    Ok so when u unlock Sereina Beach on the first level DO NOT go talk to the owner in the hotel. Go clean up the area around the the hut with coins go clean up both then when u are done two people will pop out of the electric goop spray them clean then go talk to them they will give you a blue coin each.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Golden Bird

    In Delfino Plaza there is a tiny golden bird by the island with the guy on it. If you're looking at the island from the coast, it will be to the right. Swim over to the island and after that, swim to the right. The bird will be sitting on the water. Don't get too close or it will fly away. Spray it a few times and it will turn into a shine. The shine will go over to one of the islands to the left of the shore. I think the best way is to go into view mode but you can do it any way you like.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Water slide

    In bianco hills, you enter where there are trees and a stream. Run as fast as you can, then when you reach the start of the stream press B (while running) and you will slide very fast to the water. It is fun, but the cheat is to aim for the spurt of water at the start of the "water slide". You will hear a sound and you automatically refill your water pump in a mill-second.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Zelda

    Chain chomplets unchained

    In planta village (entrance on top of the shine gate, get at it with the rocket nozzle) there is an episode thing called chain chomplets unchained. there are little red dog typed things running around. what you have to do is go to the spring (it is kind of like a small river, just look for it, it isn't hard to find) and wait. when a dog thing comes bye spray its head until it turns black and becomes kind of friendly. then grab its tail and aim it at the spring. stretch back the tail as far as it will go and then release it. the dog thing will shoot into the water and turn white and have his head stuck in the sand at the bottom. be careful of the goop in this level, it burns you!!!

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Coloured Water (Juice)

    First you have to have about 40-45 sprites, and then you go to a rooftop by the big bell,and you will find a yoshi egg (if u got it off shadow mario) with a fruit above it. go and get the fruit it wants and give it to the egg. a yoshi will appear. squirt juice with r and you have colored water.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Link

    Secret Shine Sprite

    In Delfino Plaza, hop aboard a fruit boat and wait. When you go under the bridge, you'll see a coin. Get under the coin, and JUMP!! You'll get a minigame where you can win a sprite(plus, the minigame is fun.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mike k

    Red Coins Of the Grass Field

    Need another shine sprite but cant find any, well here is another one. First go to the cannon that shoots you to Pinna park (get the rocket nozzle first), then look at the side of the cliff and you will see a line of trees growing out the side, use the rocket nozzle to launch on the trees. Launch from tree to tree until you see a small ledge with a green tube on it, go in to the tube. when inside there will be a grassy field with red coins, this is where they are: First stomp all the enemies & hell all give you a red coin, then spray the guy who's on fire and talk to him, next spray the red bird and it will drop a red coin, then theirs a red coin on 2 platforms, last look for a hole with a small cube shaped watermelon ground pound it and get the red coin. Then a shine sprite will appear on a plat forms

Super Mario Sunshine Easter Eggs

  • GameCube | Submitted by Alexis .G.

    The Guy on the Roof

    When in Delfino Plaza, go to the brown sludge.On your right only a few steps forward, is a hallway to the river near the shine gate. Go down the set of stairs and when you reach the dirt patch at the dead end of the wall, use your hover nozzle to fly over to the other side. Above the window on the building there, is a red bouncy thing. Jump on it to get up to the roof. There will be a yellow guy there. If you give him a coin, he will hurl you into a building were you can get a shine sprte! But before you do all that, you have to unlock the three graffitis. (You don't have to beat them all!)

Super Mario Sunshine Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by David

    New Nozzles

    To get the "turbo nozzle", first, get 25 shine sprites. Then, back in Isle Delfeno, shadow Mario will appear holding an object. He
    will, as usual, he will run. Spray him as you run after him. You now have the turbo nozzle.

    To get the "rocket nozzle", get 30 shine sprites, and do the same thing as to get the
    turbo nozzle. Hint: For a preview of the rocket nozzle, go to Ricco Harbor on Episode 2.