Super Mario 3D All-Stars update includes GameCube controller support for Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario 3D All-Stars has just been updated to add GameCube controller support for Super Mario Sunshine.

The much-requested addition for Super Mario Sunshine was added to the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection just recently via an update (thanks, Eurogamer). For those that don't know, Super Mario Sunshine originally released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2002, hence the request from fans for GameCube controller support for the remaster.

To hook up a GameCube controller to your Nintendo Switch, you'll an adaptor, which Nintendo sells separately. You'll also need to be playing Super Mario Sunshine on the Switch in docked mode, so you can plug the controller adaptor into the USB port on the side of the Switch's dock. If you're playing Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the Nintendo Switch Lite, you're fresh out of luck.

This is actually the second fan-requested feature to be added to Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection after launch in September. Last month in October, Nintendo added inverted camera controls to all three games in the collection (that's Super Mario 64, Galaxy, and Sunshine). This time though, the GameCube controller support is for Super Mario Sunshine only.

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