Summer Game Fest 'Surprise Game Reveal' and 'Special Showcase' events announced for this week

(Image credit: Geoff Keighley)

It could be a big week for game reveals and next-gen news, as the Summer Game Fest just announced two events happening in the next few days. First up is a "surprise game reveal" on Tuesday, followed by a "special showcase event" for Wednesday.

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The Game Awards producer and host Geoff Keighley revealed the virtual festival last week as a stopgap for the widespread cancellation of events like E3, promising months of big reveals. The "Phase 1" lineup of announcements includes upcoming reveals from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, CD Projekt Red, and Tuesday's game reveal will precede a series of events lasting until August. Now, this doesn't mean Tuesday's game reveal is necessarily coming from one of the aforementioned developers or publishers, so I'll leave it to your imagination as to what the new game could be.

"Summer Game Fest is a season of digital video game events from publishers, select playable content, in-game events, and more to be announced," reads the official Summer Game Fest website.

So you can be among the first to hear the big reveals, here's when to tune in on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Summer Game Fest event:

  • Surprise Game Reveal: Tuesday at Noon ET / 9 am PT / 5 pm BST
  • Special Showcase event: Wednesday at 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 4 pm BST

In the wake of E3's cancellation have spawned numerous digital events, and you can keep up with all of them with our comprehensive record of the E3 2020 schedule. Also keep an eye out for the Future Games Show, hosted by GamesRadar+ next month.

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