Summer Game Fest is returning in 2023 for the third year in a row

Summer Game Fest
(Image credit: Summer Game Fest)

Summer Game Fest is officially slated to return next year in 2023.

Announced just earlier today, on December 1, the Summer Game Fest is coming back for a third outing. This time, the live show will take place June 8, 2023, and be broadcast to viewers worldwide from the YouTube Theatre in Inglewood, California.

As ever, the live broadcast for the Summer Game Fest will feature a host of announcements and reveals, as well as game developer interviews. The showcase typically runs over a few hours as host Geoff Keighley rolls out the red carpet for a horde of video games.

"In keeping with tradition, we'll have tons of exciting announcements from the developers that are pushing the games industry forward, and will once again highlight other publisher digital events, demos, and more surprises to be announced in the coming months," Keighley says.

Tickets for the general public to attend the showcase at the YouTube Theatre will be made available for purchase at some point next year in 2023. Likewise, a complete list of participants for reveals and demos at the show itself will be announced in the new year.

Summer Game Fest isn't like E3 in the sense of live gameplay demos for show-goers to partake in. Instead of getting hands-on time with pre-release games, Summer Game Fest puts on a single live show for viewers to kick back and take in.

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