Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the latest game to require an internet connection at all times

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League always requires an internet connection, whether you're playing solo or co-op.

Yesterday at a new PlayStation State of Play showcase, Rocksteady's new game had a big showing, debuting new gameplay and tonnes of details. One fact that got a little lost in the deluge of info is that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will always require an internet connection to play, no matter if you're going it alone or playing online in co-op.

"An internet connection is required to play Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League solo or via online co-op," the FAQ section of the Suicide Squad's website reads, putting it definitively and plainly for all to read. So although you can play the new game solo with three AI companions filling in as other characters in lieu of players, you'll still need to actually be online.

Fan reactions to this new info haven't been kind. You can see the tweet below as just one example of many Suicide Squad fans sounding off on the online requirement, while another Twitter user writes "I actually liked the look of Diana in the Suicide Squad game. Too bad it's gonna be an online only game."

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Suicide Squad is the latest game to always require an online connection, even in single-player. Earlier this year, Arkane's Redfall was revealed to be always-online, even in single player modes, which lead some fans to swear off purchasing Arkane's new game based on that information alone. 

Clearly there's plenty of potential Suicide Squad players who would rather just be left alone to play the game without an online connection. Plenty of fans are worried that this is a re-treat of the ill-fated Marvel's Avengers, which also required an online connection at all times, and which the game's creative director at a support studio apologized for earlier this week. 

Elsewhere in the showing yesterday, the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League battle pass was finally confirmed after much rumor and speculation, but Rocksteady reassured fans that it contained purely cosmetic items, with no actual gameplay bonuses on offer. There'll also be an offering of free post-launch content for the new game, including new weapons, characters, and more.

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