Redfall fans vow not to buy the game following always-online confirmation

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Arkane's open-world shooter Redfall is one of the most promising titles making its way to Xbox Series X this year, but the recent revelation that the game requires "a persistent online connection" even in single-player has blindsided fans, and many have decided to forgo buying it as a result.

Over on the Redfall subreddit, one user writes, "Oh booo. Well there goes my plan for buying it". Another says, "Was going to buy it. Not buying anymore," and a third comments, "I'm out. Will never support always-online single player."

The decision to make Redfall an always-online title is particularly surprising to players considering Bethesda's assurances that while the emphasis may be on co-op, it will satisfy fans of Arkane's single-player offerings like Dishonored and Deathloop. Moreover, its slight advantages are far overshadowed by the significant drawbacks. For some, it means not being able to enjoy the game by themselves if the servers happen to go down, while for those without access to the internet or with an unreliable connection, it's unplayable.

Baffled by the move, user MrDubTee says, "Personally, I hate this". They add, "As someone who loves playing solo experiences, what is the justification for requiring this? I understand there may be loot mechanics etc., but can we just get a solid game that doesn't require this." While on a separate Reddit post user, Dantegram asks, "What happens in 10 years when the servers shut down? Or if my internet goes out? I was super hyped for it, but this just killed any excitement."

The feeling over on Twitter is much the same, "I'm not buying Redfall anymore," says @GenePark. "This is where Game Pass will be useful since I can still check it out. But always online for single player translates to me as a no purchase."

Redfall is due to release in just a few months' time, on May 2. The launch date was unveiled during the recent Xbox Developer Direct broadcast alongside fresh gameplay footage showcasing new locations, enemies, and abilities.

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