Redfall release date officially confirmed during Xbox Developer Direct

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Redfall is officially set to launch on May 2, 2023, as announced during today's Xbox Developer Direct broadcast.

That May 2 release date will see Redfall launch across Xbox Series X and S and PC. There's no native Xbox One version on the way, though you'll still be able to play Redfall on the older consoles through cloud gaming. As with pretty much any first-party Xbox title, Redfall will be available on Xbox Game Pass from launch. The PC version of Redfall is set to be available through Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Redfall was previously set for a vague 'first half of 2023' release window, though before that it was set to come out in summer 2022. It was delayed alongside Starfield ahead of that summer window. Co-creative director Harvey Smith said at the time that "the team needs more time to bring the game to life." Today's announcement confirms recent rumors and reports about Redfall's launch timing.

Developer Arkane also showed off a bunch of new Redfall gameplay, showing new locations, enemies, and abilities. We also got a look at a new feature called vampire nests, which are "psychic spaces" you'll need to destroy as its inhabitants fiercely defend their home. You'll then need to escape the nest quickly before it crashes down and kills you. Arkane also teased more psychic spaces but didn't show them off.

Arkane is best known in the modern era for the Dishonored series, as well as Prey and Deathloop, all of which follow the immersive sim tradition of offering big, open-ended levels for players to explore and exploit in a multitude of ways. Redfall looks to be taking that formula in a direction with a bigger focus on action - not to mention the addition of four-player co-op.

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