Creative director at Marvel's Avengers support studio apologizes for the whole thing

Marvel's Avengers
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A creative director at a Marvel's Avengers support studio has apologised for the game, citing a difficult development process.

"It was a challenging production, let's say," Cezar Virtosu, creative director at support studio Virtuos, told Edge Magazine in its latest issue. The superhero smash-'em-up, which is scheduled to have dev support cut this year, is known to have hit its fair share of snags after profits fell short of recouping development costs following disappointing sales. Despite its competent solo campaign mode, the game suffered for its murky identity and glutted loot-based systems, and ultimately failed to impress.

Virtosu left his role at Marvel's Avengers's co-developer studio Virtuos to focus on the gruesome The Lords of the Fallen reboot, which as yet doesn't have a release date. Edge sat down with Virtosu and The Lords of the Fallen's executive producer Saul Gascon to discuss their latest project, and on the subject of Virtosu's colorful resumé, from Shadow of the Tomb Raider to Marvel's Avengers, he didn't have much to say for the latter aside from "I apologize for that."

Their past work aside, the duo's high hopes are evident not only for The Lords of the Fallen as a game, but new studio Hexworks' spot in the Soulslike food chain. 

"Basically, Cezar, the CEO of our company, and myself stopped our successful careers to work on The Lords of the Fallen," Gascon said, describing The Lords of the Fallen as a "dream project" for them despite the high expectations held by many in a post-Elden Ring world.  "We want the studio to become a reference in the [Soulslike] genre," Gascon went on. "We want to be the second reference [after Elden Ring developer FromSoftware], because right now there is no clear second reference." 

This sneak peek at one boss from The Lords of the Fallen out-grosses anything from Dark Souls.

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