Street Fighter x Tekken for PS Vita coming in fall, bringing 12 new characters

Need a reason to pick up Street Fighter X Tekken for PlayStation Vita? How about a dozen? Today, Capcom revealed that while a portable version of its crossover fighter won't be released until the latter half of 2012, it will feature 12 additional characters.

The PS Vita add-ons will include combatants from both franchises. Street Fighter fans will get Elena, Guy, Sakura, Blanka, Cody, and Dudley; while Tekken enthusiasts will be greeted with Alisa, Christy, Jack, Brian, Lars, and Lei.

It's possible these new characters will be available for PS3 and Xbox 360 as DLC sometime after the PS Vita version lands in fall. For now, console owners will have to take solace in the fact they get to play Street Fighter X Tekken months earlier when it arrives on March 6 in North America, and March 9 in Europe. PC owners will also have a slight advantage, with their version expected to drop in May.

Street Fighter x Tekken has been in the public eye since its debut at Comic Con 2010. Check out the latest characters announced for the PC version, and the iconic/bizarre video game characters recently revealed as PS3 and PS Vita exclusives.

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