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Street Fighter x Tekken: Pac-Man and Mega Man (sort of) join Sony-exclusive cast

Capcom's announced four new characters for Street Fighter x Tekken that will be available exclusively for PS3 and PlayStation Vita players. The game's standard-issue cast will be joined by InFamous' Cole, Japanese Sony mascots Kuro and Toro, a mobile suit-piloting Pac-Man, and a problematic Mega-Man. That's right, the star of the Internet's best-worst game-box is back, and now a court order decrees that no SFxT battles can be held within 100 yards of any schools or youth centers. Because the old-school Mega-Man looks a lot like a child-molester, see!

Kuro and Toro, as you all surely know, have served as faces for the Sony brand in Japan since the late 90s, and will perform within the game as undersized mimics of Kazuya and Ryu respectively. Pac-Man you may recognize as videogaming's first big star... or perhaps as the figurehead of one of the titles most often blamed with the Videogame Crash of 1984. The paunchy, yellow-clad Mega-Man, obviously, needs no introduction – except to anyone young enough not to remember a time when box-artists really just didn't give a damn. Look forward to mastering the character (ironically, natch) when Street Fighter x Tekken launches in March.