Street Fighter IV character profiles

Formerly believed to be M. Bison’s lover, a spy, a Shadoloo assassin, and Kylie Minogue, Cammy is a clone of Bison who now works for the good guys. And doesn’t wear much. At all. Not our fave.

Defining move: Cannon Drill: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch


Pure fan service, Sakura is a schoolgirl who fights in her uniform, competing to spar with Ryu and learn from him. As such, she’s another bloody Shotokan character, but plays differently to the others.

Defining move: Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: Down, Down-back, Back + Kick


After King of Fighters ripped off Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha ripped them off right back by making Dan a purposely rubbish joke character, and an obvious dig at KOF’s Ryu rip-off, Ryo.

Defining move: Gadouken: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch


Holy crap, it’s Sheng Long. Well, sort of – in the west, it’s the name we gave Ryu and Ken’s sensei, but he goes by his original Japanese name in Street Fighter IV.

Defining move: Go Hadoken: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch


Blast from the past, Gen joins Sagat, Ryu and Ken as a refugee from the very first Street Fighter. Most of you will know him better from the Alpha games, though.

Defining move: Bicycle Kick: Forward, Down, Down-forward + Kick then hammer Kick repeatedly


The Big Boss of the game, Seth is the delicately-named head of Shadoloo’s special weapons division and has just about everyone’s best move, from Dhalsim’s stretchy arms to Zangief’s Spinning Piledriver.

Defining move: All of them – he has amped-up versions of all the best moves in the game.

Jan 14, 2009