Street Fighter IV character profiles

The rat bastard villain who was thought to have killed Gouken. Oops. Like Gouken, he’s a hidden boss, but has been balanced for competitive play
with friends.

Defining move: Raging Demon: Light Punch, Light Punch, Forward, Light Punch, Hard Punch


Still moaning about his dead friend Charlie who – spook – might not actually be dead according to SFIV’s godawful cinematics.

Defining move: Sonic Boom: charge Back for a second, Forward + Punch


Dhalsim is an Indian yogi who can summon his mystical powers to breathe fire. Except we all know it’s really because he has a spicy curry belly. Subtlety is not Street Fighter’s strong point.

Defining move: Yoga Fire: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch

E. Honda

Apparently still desperate to prove Sumo is the greatest martial art in the world. At least until he gets his arm broken by some Jiu Jitsu nutcase, anyway.

Defining move: Hundred Hand Slap: Hammer Punch repeatedly


Never afraid to stereotype, Zangief is a colossal Russian bear wrestler, most inspired by American pro wrestling and Final Fight’s Mike Haggar.

Defining move: Spinning Piledriver: Rotate stick 360 degrees + Punch

Fei Long

Looks a bit like Bruce Lee, doesn’t he? Sounds like him, too. Hails from the same city in China, as well. Very suspicious, that.

Defining move: Rekkaken: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch – can be repeated three times for a combo