Street Fighter IV character profiles

The final boss of the original Street Fighter was scarred by Ryu’s brutal Dragon Punch. Exactly why that happened depends on which version of the story Capcom decide to adhere to on the day.

Defining move: Tiger Uppercut: Forward, Down, Down-forward + Punch

M. Bison

The former head of Shadoloo crime syndicate was overthrown at the end of Street Fighter II, but he’s back in a cloned body to remove Seth and reclaim his place at the top.

Defining move: Psycho Crusher: charge Back, then Forward + Punch


Based on famed mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko, Abel is yet another one of Street Fighter’s amnesiacs, but he recognises Guile’s Sonic Boom, so it’s a good start.

Defining move:Tornado Throw: Forward, Down-forward, Down, Down-back, Back + Punch


An American secret agent who enters the tournament for unknown reasons. Doesn’t get on with Chun Li. Tsch. Women, eh?

Defining move: Thunder Knuckle: Down, Down-back, Back + Punch

El Fuerte

Supposedly one of the game’s weakest characters, Fuerte is so fast and his moves so dramatic that he’s definitely one of the flashiest.

Defining move: Guacamole Leg Throw: Forward, Down, Down-forward + Punch


Quite possibly the ugliest character in Street Fighter history, Rufus is six hundred pounds of pure chip grease, but fights with a speedy kung fu style.

Defining move: Messiah Kick: Down, Down-forward, Forward + Kick – three different strikes on light, medium, and fierce kicks


God, here we go. The last character to be announced for SFIV, Rose is an entity composed of the good parts of M. Bison’s soul, which he cast off in order to master his Psycho Power. Naturally.

Defining move: Soul Spark: Back, Down-back, Down, Down-forward, Forward + Punch